How to Clean and Polish Jewellery at Home

Earring Cleaning and Polishing with Sunshine Polishing Cloth
The earring closest has been simply polished with a Yellow Sunshine Polishing Cloth.

Cleaning and polishing jewellery are really two separate processes.

  • Jewellery cleaning involves removing dirt, soap residues, skin oils, makeup and other built up grime from your jewellery.
  • Polishing removes scratches and oxidizes from jewellery. Polishing restores the original finish.

Professional Cleaning & Polishing

When we professionally clean and polish jewellery, we normally start first with the polishing process. At home, I recommend you start by cleaning the jewellery first.

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Recommendations on how to clean and polish jewellery at home.

Polishing an earring with a Yellow Sunshine Polishing Cloth.
Polishing an earring with a Yellow Sunshine Polishing Cloth.
  1. At home I would recommend cleaning the jewellery first by washing. Using either an ultrasonic or hand washing the jewellery with a jewellery cleaner, such as LilyJewels SparkleClean. Click here for important information about cleaning certain types of jewellery, such as pearls and plated items.
  2. After washing thoroughly dry the piece. It is important the jewellery is completely dry before polishing with a cloth!
  3. Polish with a specialty polishing cloth, for example a Yellow Sunshine polishing cloth, RichGlo Gold & Silver Polishing Glove or LilyJewels ProPolishing Pads first to remove heavy oxidization and surface scratching.
  4. Finally use a Blue Sunshine polishing cloth to achieve a fine polish.
  5. Store your freshly cleaned jewellery in resealable plastic bags. Place a LilyJewels 3M Anti-Tarnish Tab in the bag or use our all in one LilyJewels Anti-Tarnish Bags.
Anti_Tarnish Bags
Specially treated Anti-Tarnish Bags will keep your jewellery looking good for longer.

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