Cleaning Diamond Jewellery

The good news is, cleaning Diamond Jewellery is the simplest jewellery cleaning you can do at home.

Diamonds are special for two main reasons.

Diamonds are hard.
Diamonds are hard.
  • Diamonds are exceptionally hard, you can’t scratch them except with another diamond.
  • Diamonds treat light in an exceptionally beautiful way.
Diamonds are cut precisely to to advantage of the light properties.
Diamonds are cut precisely to take advantage of the properties of light.

It is almost impossible for you to damage a diamond at home while cleaning it.

Diamonds are hard in the sense you can’t scratch them, but you can break them. Hit a diamond in just the right way, in just the right place and it will chip like a piece of glass.

Cleaning diamond jewellery.

The simplest cleaning will make your diamond jewellery sparkle like it was when new.

If you have an ultrasonic cleaner at home you will be able to quickly and easily return your diamond jewellery to its original condition with no effort at all.

Diamond bracelet
Return the sparkle to diamond jewellery, simply by washing.

Even hand washing will do wonders for your diamond jewellery.

If you have an ultrasonic simply place your diamond jewellery separately in a basket and set the timer 15 minutes and heater to maximum, using LilyJewels SparkleClean.

You can also pre-soak gold and diamond jewellery in LilyJewels SparkleClean safetly for a few hours. This is a good practice if you are going to hand wash the jewellery.

You can use safely use a Sunshine Yellow polishing cloth on diamond jewellery, to return a polish to gold and silver.