Jewellery cleaning and polishing at home.

How to clean particular types of jewellery.

Silver Cuff
Clean and polish silver jewellery easily at home.

You can clean almost any type of jewellery at home. Read the guides and tips for each type of jewellery before you start and you will be less likely to encounter problems.

These are a few types of jewellery you should exercise particular caution when cleaning or polishing at home.

Heart shape opal
Opals are a gem stone you need to exercise caution when cleaning at home.

There are a few types of jewellery you will be limited in what you can achieve at home.

These types of jewellery are best refinished by a professional jeweller.

Platinum engagement ring
Platinum jewellery needs to be polished by a professional jeweller, you can however clean platinum at home. Stuller

If you are in any doubt about cleaning a piece of jewellery consult a professional jeweller.

A professional jeweller will also be able to assess the general condition of gem settings, links, catches and give you a quote to remedy any problems.

Find the link below closest in description to the piece of jewellery you are about to clean. Have a read before you commence the project.